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shodo_at_lj's Journal

The Livejournal Shodo Community
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All Members , Moderated
Community devoted to the art of asian calligraphy such as shodo or sumi-e.
First of all, welcome!

This community is devoted to all forms and styles of asian calligraphy and sumi-e. The comm was created because of the lack of an english community devoted to this art form in livejournal.
Anything related to asian calligraphy is ok. You may post pics of your own work, historical and famous pieces, monographic posts about famous calligrapher or even recommend links. The main objective of this comm is to enjoy talking and sharing about this form of art so anyhting form that matters is welcome.


Main guidelines:

1. Keep it civil and be nice. We love comments and discussion, but flamage and attacks to other person´s work will not be tolerated in this community.

2- While every post that fits the community is welcome, I must ask that if an image is "too large" (more than 700 pixels) or you have too many big images in one single post, please use an lj-cut. Thumbails are not mandatory but apreciatted. Just to be gentle with the friendlist pages and internet connections of other members.

3- Keep your posts on topic. If it has nothing to do with Asian calligraphy, and is really off-topic, you may be ignored or upon repeated, moderated, and then banned. For sale ads or other community promotion that are not related with the interest of this community, will be removed. Sales ads and other communities promotions that are directly related with the interests of this community are welcome. If you are not sure whether something is alright, never fear - just ask here or you can also contact me by e-mail, and I´ll try to answer as soon as possible.


Sumie and Modern Art by Stan Gielewski
Internet shodo
Sumi-e world
Sho-no Sanpo-Michi
more to come soon ;)


Wanna be affiliate?
Please feel free to leave your comments HERE.

I´m currently looking for mods ( must have some knowledge in the matter of calligraphy of course). Those who want to apply feel free to leave a comments HERE.


brush, fude, hiragana, ink, inpu, kami, kanji, katakana, paper, shitajiki, shodo, shodo club, sumi,  夜かもめ,  平仮名, 下敷き, 和紙, , 大篆書, 小篆書, 日本書道史, 書道, 楷書, 漢字, 片仮名, , , 草書, 行書, 隷書、書家、世尊寺流、青蓮院流、法性寺流、持明院流、光悦流、書写, 鴎庵先生,下書き