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January 15th, 2012

yorukamome @ 11:34 pm: 冬の夜


fuyu no yoru・mizu no shikou o・kasa shizuku
winter night - my umbrella drops water thoughts

yorukamome @ 11:32 pm: 冬の花


fuyu no hana・ukidokoronaku・kaze ni tobi
winter flower - flies in the wind, bound nowhere

yorukamome @ 11:29 pm: 真冬夜


mafuyu yoru・kanojyo utagoe・sabishigaru
full winter night - her singing voice I miss, so deeply

(written in simple hiragana: まふゆよる・かのじょうたごえ・さびしがる)

yorukamome @ 11:25 pm: rikyu waka

consider what you have learnt nothing but dust,
and your note book nothing but waste paper"

Rikyu (about 1586) - from the waka for the cha-no-yu (tea ceremony)


narai oba・chiri akuta zo to・omoe kashi・kakimono wa hogo・koshibari ni seyo

June 1st, 2010

yorukamome @ 05:46 pm: endless works around new house, endless hardworking moment - but I
stubbornly keep on trying not to forget my real "mestiere"...this is the correct word I use to underline
a fundamental difference, when I'm asked about my job: teaching is my "professione", but I LOVE the
antique meaning of the first term, suddenly suggesting a "bottega d'arte" and so on - well, here you are
my latest works, these two big kakimono hanging now on my walls; I'm also adding translations (they
both show a sentence and a related haiku) :

気の春嵐 「ki no shunran ・ springstorm of KI」

雨上がり 「mizuiro ha ・ seishun sou da ・ ameagari」

light bluegrey, like a bloom of youth after the rain

青春の風景 「seishun no fukei ・ landscape in bloom of youth」

春風に 「eda odori ・ sono kage kabe de ・ harukaze ni」

dance of a branch, its shade on the wall through spring breeze

February 16th, 2010

yorukamome @ 11:54 pm: not a simple post - just for closest Friends, my pathmates...here it is, for you:



[shimoyo gin ・ tomo no me hikari ・ miru kagiri]

silver frosty night - wherever I turn my head, the light of friends’ eyes.

February 20th, 2009

meng_haoran @ 01:20 am: сегодня написал
Перечитываю Лю-тао. Очень нужная книга, как говорил один товарищ.

January 13th, 2009

yorukamome @ 07:29 pm: Photobucket

ceramic, "cotto e smalto" (natural red clay white-enameled and glazed with a transparent gloss), sized
Ø 10.00 x height 04.05 cms total; "scratching" technique for the logo and the「鴎・"ou/seagull"」kanji.
(with lots thanks to M° Vittorio Ruocco, whose laboratory I changed to a real mess while doing that!)

gabbiano ・ 夜かもめ ・ 鴎庵

meng_haoran @ 11:45 am: Some recent works

December 18th, 2008

vorpal @ 09:22 pm: Where to start?
I've been studying Japanese for a few months and I'm completely enamored of the 漢字. I would love to get into Japanese calligraphy, but I have absolutely no idea where to even begin.

Can anyone give me any tips? Where does one find the appropriate paper, tools, etc, and indeed, what kind of tools are good for a complete beginner? Any good websites to order this kind of stuff? I would love to be able to ink some lovely characters to give to friends or to hang around my own home.

Any help you want to shuffle this poor beginner's way would be fantastic and much appreciated.

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