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yorukamome @ 11:40 pm: new brushes, ancient ink
I received the parcel coming from my friend Shiromoto Kenji San, who produces excellent quality brushes in Hiroshima - I also had
the chance, a couple of weeks ago, to buy an ancient and very good pinewood soot 「shōen boku ・松煙墨」 sumi ink...so I tried
some pieces, writing simple sequences and re-writing two of my oldest haiku:

風が家に帰る・ kaze ga uchi ni kaeru

the wind gets back home


夜を飛ぶ孤独な鴎おそれなく・ yoru o tobu kodoku na kamome osorenaku

lonely gull, doesn't fear the flight through the night


松の森とつぜんお絹二次を見る・ matsu no mori totsuzen no kinu niji o miru

pinetrees wood - sudden, silky, I see a rainbow


書道・ shodō ・ japanese calligraphy


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