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yorukamome @ 12:48 pm: some more essays in gyōshō and sōshō

Lady Ukon (右近) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukon_(poet)
from the "hyakunin isshu ・ 百人一首" (one hundred poems by one hundred poets) - poem # 38:

wasuraruru mi woba omowazu chikahite-shi hito no inochi no oshiku mo aru kana

I am forsaken
but about myself I don’t care
I must fear instead
for the life you swore away
when we made our vows of love


(fujiwara no shunzei, 1114-1204 - from "senzai wakashu"

omohi amari sonata no sora o nagamureba kasumi o wakete harusame zo furu

overcome by love
I gazed upon the sky
about where you dwell
and saw the haze parted there
by a shower of spring rain

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